SAP TM integration with CarCube on-board computer

More and more companies are using SAP TM als Transport Management system. Using SAP TM an optimized transportation planning can be done, for example for a road carrier in Europe. After the planning has been finalized the transportation execution takes place, followed by an invoice for services delivered by the actual transportation service provider. 

What exactly happened during the complete execution part is now still unclear. From a Track&Trace perspective this offers room for improvement. Using the Carcube on-board computer many physical steps during the execution of the transport can be registered. As soon as the driver starts loading the goods from it’s departure point this can be tracked; or you can activate tracking once the goods are delayed due to an unexpected traffic jam, or once the goods have been delivered (singed and well) to it’s destination. Even tracking the event of “entering the 25 km zone” around the good’s destination is possible (called Geo-fencing) which offers the possibility of calling your customer and telling him that you will arrive within now and 30 minutes. This tracking of ‘events’ can be managed in the SAP TM and EM (Event Management) systems.

As a business benefit real-time information is available for you and for your customers.  

Together with a team of Trimble specialists, we have together realized the seamless integration between SAP TM and Trimble’s CarCube.


During our joint project we got to learn Bas as a social and subject-matter-expert person. We are very proud our CarCube now integrates seamless to SAP TM.

Chris Boogaard, Country Manager Trimble T&L The Netherlands