About me

My name is Bas Jonkman. I am working as an SAP consultant since 2001 and have worked on many different projects helping companies automating and improving their logistics processes. Due to continuous changes in the economy the need for change will always be there.

Is your company for example launching a web-shop, this could have a huge effect on the planning and execution of your logistics processes. Or have you decided to introduce voice-picking in your warehouse, this would mean a need for a change to your WMS system. And what would be the impact to your transportation planning when you would introduce Longer and Heavier Truck Combinations (LHV’s)?

These are just some real-life examples of changes that impact your logistics exection systems. I help companies accomplishing such changes. Off course aiming on retaining your customer satisfaction and securing your own efficiency.

I would be more than happy to deploy my broad experience of SAP system within your company. Over the years I gained a lot of experience implementing both SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SCM-EWM) and Warehouse Management (ERP-WM). Besides those, I am well experienced in implementing adjacent logistics modules of the SAP system.

But there is more than the SAP system. The business process will always be the basis of your total efficiency. By optimizing that business process, and bringing it in-line with your total logistics concept, structural optimizations can be achieved.

Having years of experience in optimizing logistical business processes and SAP software, a hands-on mentality and a strong focus on internal efficiency I can help you optimizing your company’s logistics.

SAB Consulting, Warehouse and Transportation automation.

 My resume can be found here:

English resume