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Warehouse Management

Optimize your Warehouse processes

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Transport management

Cost-efficient and optimized transportation planning

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Track and trace your shipments

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SAB Consulting

Warehouse and transportation automation

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Project experiences

A truck's On-board computer integrated with SAP TM (Transportation Management).

Integration of Trimble's CarCube on-board computer with the SAP Transporation Management (TM) system.

Applying EWM's ‘Order-based’ replenishments in a warehouse with very limited capacity.

Using EWM's 'Order-based replenishments' the lack of bins in a warehouse can be worked around

Transportation cost savings by integrating LE-TRA with a 3rd party software.

By integrating a 3rd party software in the area of carrier selection with SAP ERP, Majestic realises cost savings.

To be completed

To be completed


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Schippers integrates it’s production process in DC Lommel

Schippers Europe has taken a new production line in operation.
On this production line, certain cleaning products are produced. This will eliminate the need to buy these products, which is a significant cost savings.
The […]

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Schippers Canada now also live with SAP WM

Schippers Canada is using SAP Warehouse Management (WM) since this week. The company has made considerable progress in finetuning it’s logistics processes in Canada. Customers are currently controlled from one of the 3 available […]

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